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Mediation in Bethesda, MD

Cohen & Hertz, PC. specializes in compassionate family law services. We have given our clients our full attention since 2000, and the results speak for themselves. No two cases are the same, and our attorneys understand that. While some divorces and custody cases end up in court, most require mediation. Our Bethesda, MD attorney, Leslie G. Peters, has the experience to ensure a satisfactory experience for her clients. She can help both parties agree on important issues, clear up misunderstandings, and explore solutions without the mess and anguish of drawn-out legal proceedings. Mediation is perfect for divorcing couples who do not want the cost of a trial.

Leslie is trained in civil and family law mediation. She provides mediation services and offers co-mediation with Doug Cohn. For further information, please contact us at 301-913-0038 or visit

The Benefits of Choosing Mediation During Family Law Cases

There are many reasons to explore mediation during your divorce. If you and the other party are willing, it can lead to better results in a shorter timeframe. Most importantly, mediation is confidential and less stressful. Additional benefits include:

  • More Control: Judges do not make decisions during mediation. Instead, you and the other party do. Instead of the court requiring apologies and setting child support or alimony, you can negotiate with the other party directly. Mediation allows you control over the situation.
  • Cooperation: Divorces are hard no matter what. But mediation services with attorney Leslie G. Peters help parties find solutions to a stressful situation without too much heartache or court dates. You can work toward a solution that benefits you and the other party.
  • Less Hostility: Court dates lead to fights and bad feelings. But mediation lessens both those negative experiences and leads to higher satisfaction. It is possible to go through a divorce without hostility. Our law firm can help you get the results you want.
  • It Is Voluntary: When you go through the court system during a divorce or any legal proceeding, you cede your control to a judge. So does the other party. Mediation isn’t a good fit during fraught cases, but it is perfect if you and the other party want a good solution for both of you.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation

One of the reasons past clients have enjoyed mediation is Leslie Peters creates an environment where each party can speak openly and honestly. Court cases are part of the public record, and the results can impact your life. Mediation is fair, neutral, and completely confidential. You can express your views and address underlying issues without fear that your position will become public. Create your solution today by contacting Leslie G. Peters for mediation services.

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