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Bethesda, Maryland DWI Attorneys

In both the District of Columbia and Maryland court systems, so many DUI/DWI charges are reviewed each day that defendants become faceless and forgettable to the judges who mete out penalties and sentencing such as heavy fines, jail time, and license suspensions. Because of this, it could be crucial to your defense to present a compelling and memorable argument. Contact us if you are needing Maryland DWI attorneys.

The Maryland DUI lawyers at Cohen & Hertz, PC., work to separate our clients from the rest of the herd. We’ll strive to give you a voice in the proceedings so you hopefully won’t just be handed a harsh sentence and forgotten. We are familiar with the courts, and we possess an intricate knowledge of Maryland DUI laws.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, contact Cohen & Hertz, PC., today.

Building Your Felony DUI Defense

Judges consider many factors when they make sentencing determinations, including, but not limited to: whether it’s a first offense, your blood alcohol level / blood alcohol content (BAC), and whether you appear remorseful in the courtroom. At Cohen & Hertz, PC., we work to assemble those various factors into a cohesive argument for your defense.

We’ll represent you through both the Criminal Court Proceedings (where you may be sentenced with heavy fines or jail time) and the Agency Court Proceedings (where you may have your license suspended). You’ll work in close contact with your attorney to seek ways of reducing your sentencing and of keeping your DUI charge from taking over your life.

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The attorneys and staff at Cohen & Hertz, PC., are proud to offer a full service law firm that is capable, prepared, and eminently qualified to represent you no matter what legal challenges you face. Our attorneys have diverse legal backgrounds, and each has extensive experience representing clients.

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